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Digital art to sponsor 300 beach cleanups in Sri Lanka

A better way of donating for a cleaner planet

We are raising money for the nonprofit OceanBiome in Sri Lanka. They have taken a picture every day in their last 300 beach clean ups. We put these proofs-of-work together into a large mosaic as digital art (NFT). 


We are now auctioning off this digital art to international donors who want to support direct beach cleanups in Sri Lanka by buying this proof-of-work.


The proceeds of this auction will go back directly to the registered charity of OceanBiome to fund even more beach clean ups in Sri Lanka. You will get a tax certificate of your donation from the OceanBiome charity.


There is only one such mosaic in the world. This is not just a poster as you’ll earn all the rights of these 300 good deeds for the planet. You alone sponsored it!

Direct giving. Direct action. A better planet.

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Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 14.33.14.png

You choose how your digital art looks 

By donating you'll own the underlying images of these good deeds for the planet and own the digital art (NFT). You can create artistic renderings as ‘views’ for your NFT to adjust it to your purpose or mood of the day. Digital art is dynamic!

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 14.42.20.png

You can create your social media profile picture as NFT of YOUR 300 good deeds images from Sri Lanka

Our NFT auction is *LIVE*

click here to see our collection with our Koala version on Opensea.

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