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What is Jerri?

355 Beach Warriors India.png

Jerri is a collection Koala NFTs. Each Jerri is built up from 50+ different Traits including Accessories, Backgrounds, Hair color, Clothing, etc…


Jerri koalas can only be minted by verified charities with proven images of their real acts of kindness like recycling, cleanups or clean energy.  Jerri is a mosaic built from these images!

The first NFT drop of Jerri Koalas will be 99 plus THE BIG ATLAS (when we have reached our goal). 


Owning a Jerri Koala will grant you utilities like access to exclusive events, discounts at selected sustainable products of partners and maybe even a chance to bring the power of our koalas to Mars! ( LOL)


WeTryBetter is the organization that manages the Jerri koalas and runs the marketplace for verified acts of kindness, always minted on the most energy efficient blockchain available.

Orange Wolken

What can Jerri do?

The Jerri NFTs grant several utilities to their owners as they are verified heroes of the planet and hence should be rewarded.

      A.  Product Discounts 

We are working with partners to give discounts to verified Koala holders; for instance 10% off Patagonia jackets, 5% discount in bio supermarkets, free desserts in vegan restaurants etc… 

B. 30% of  every follow-on sale goes to charity again

Smart contract that specifies that the minting charity gets 30% of every sale of their NFT in the future. So it’s a good thing to trade it further. 

 C. Tax donation certificate

If you like to have it for our tax deductions, our partners will issue a tax certificate to you.  



D. Voting rights 

Owners of a Jerri will gain voting rights in our future DAO setup to steer the direction of this project.  


How does it work?


  1. Charities register with WeTrybetter (only accredited nonprofits can create accounts)

  2. They upload a minimum of 100 acts of kindness 

  3. They fill out our digital certificate, in which they verify what acts their image koala represents. For instance: “This NFT represents 331 cleanup actions in Manhattan beach, California on February 23, 2022 . 50kg of trash collected.”  

  4. The charity selects, which koala is their avatar (color, boots, hat) and then MINT the NFT. They verify to never use these same images again (unique).

  5. The NFT is then listed on Wetrybetter and Opensea (API) marketplace for donors to buy. 

331 Beach Cleanups Sri Lanka.png


Atlas is our big flagship project where we motivate and collect 1 million images of planet positive actions from volunteers from around the world.


These 1 million images will also form a special Atlas Jerri NFT.  Atlas Jerri will be holding our planet on his shoulders.  Just as each person that got out there and did something positive for our planet has done.



    Let me tell you the story about how I met Jerri.  The first time we met he was a grumpy guy.  I thought he was really cute anyway, and told him so.  This did not improve his mood however, he just glared at me.  Not willing to give up and hoping to see him happy, I asked him if anything was wrong and he quickly replied that, “Everything is wrong”!   There  was no way that I was going to let that pass so I asked him if there was anything that I could do to help.  “Not unless you can make it rain when it is supposed to and not rain when it is not supposed to, and bring back my trees and the peace and quiet”! He said fiercely then dropped his gaze to the ground before continuing his story.  

    “I’m sorry”, he said to me. “It is just that when I first left my forest range because of the noise and all of the people that were now moving around in my range, I went to look for help from the leaders of the people.  I tried to explain my situation, they made promises and I waited.  While I was waiting I discovered that it wasn’t just all of us Jerri's that are having these issues but all over the world including in the Oceans and rivers the habitats of all were being abused and destroyed.  People just like you were responsible for the strange rains and other weather that disrupts all the patterns.  How can a Jerri like me do anything when even the people responsible for it all seem not to care.  It makes me angry! It also makes me sad.”

    I understand exactly what Jerri was talking about.  I felt just like him.  I do all that I can but the problem seems too big for me.  When I told Jerri I understood, he sighed.  I told Jerri about all of the organizations and people around the world that were working as hard as they could to make things better.  He brightened up a bit at that, just hearing that some people did care about the mess seemed to make him feel a bit better.  Then it occurred to me that he was referring to all Koalas as Jerri, so I asked him why he did that.  His response was simple that all Koalas were Jerri.  That’s when it hit me.  I want to be a Jerri! Someone brave enough to leave my comfort zone to go and do something about what I know needs to be changed.  I want to be someone with the courage to seek those that are willing to help.  Jerri became my hero.  I became Jerri. 

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